The Art Of Pizza

art of pizza

We love our pizza!  No one appreciates pizza more than us at The Art Of Pizza and we have compiled some of our favorite dough, sauce and toppings recipes for you to look over, maybe drool over, and then create in your own kitchen.  While pizza may appear to be nothing more that a plate of bread dough that you use to put tasty toppings on it really is a bit more detailed than that.  Like another dish that you make you need to start with the best ingredients, use the best recipes and then take the time to create and assemble your masterpiece.

The Best Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

There is no doubt that the best way to enjoy a pizza is to make it yourself in your own kitchen.  While most pizza restaurants put out a good product very few of them will be able to take the time to make a high quality pie using the best ingredients and customizing it to your tastes.  Most pizza restaurants highlight price or speed in their advertisements, leaving you to wonder if they have confused price and speed with quality.

Your starting point for a great pizza is the dough.  While we have quite a few pizza dough recipes listed, our favorite go-to recipe is our basic pizza dough recipe.  This easy to make versatile recipe will give you enough dough for two 12" thin crust pizzas or one 14" thick pizza crust.  You can't go wrong with this recipe.

A big misconception is that pizza is junk food or fast food.  It is neither.  Just because it tastes good doesn't mean that pizza is bad for you.  In fact, a well made pizza with contain healthy amounts of iron, potassium, vitamin A, ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, calcium and protein.  Depending on your toppings you can have up to two servings of vegetables with just two slices of pizza.  While some toppings like pork sausage or pepperoni can add fat this can be controlled by using smaller portions or meat substitutes.  After all, you are creating the pizza, you get to decide what goes on top!

What kind of pizza you want to make is entirely up to you.  Craving a Hawaiian pizza?  Looking for a good pepperoni pizza recipe?  How about some healthy pizza recipes?  All of these are on this website just waiting for you to try.  What are the best pizza toppings?  Easy-anything that you want to have on your pizza.  Use your imagination, fresh ingredients and you can create endless types of pizza right in your own kitchen.